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This week end….some events around EDEN AZUR

Tonight, friday 6th of april 2018 ( free) At the médiathèque of  Antibes at 18h:. Isabelle Autissier proposes a musical TALE: from the sailor's intimity a night on the sea. At the  médiathèque of Valbonne-Sophia Antipolice from18h: Concert garden side with Thierry Gomar and Carole Hémard. Saturday the 7th of april 2018 ( free) European artistic career week end (6-8 of april) Week end with the artistic careers at Vallauris and Antibes, whose the theme this year is "Futurs en transmission". The program of the artist journey proposed by Vallauris is at the reception of EDEN AZUR. Visit of Madura, place of art , history and creation where Picasso has came and worked. Rue Suzanne and George Ramié (10H/13H)+(14H/17H) Animations at the museum of the Potery-21 Sicard street .9h/12H+14H/17H Espace Grandjean, boulevard des 2 vallons (10h/16H) Plant festival => parc & villa Aurélien de Fréjus ( de 10h-19h)  fee 3€ for adult -free for children. Homage to Claude Debussy at the médiathèque de Biot give, by the pupils and teachers from the music conservatory (Salle d 'action culturelle / 16h)( free) At the theater ANTHEA of Antibes This week end la Traviata and classical concert with the  bonn Beethoven orchestra. Reservation : 04 83 76 13 00 INFORMATIONS given...

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Festival of pyrotechnic art

It comes straight from the Philippines. It is the first pyrotechnic company in its country but also recognized as the largest in South Asia ! She has already won numerous awards in her field around the world. So, do you have an idea? I'm talking about the ... Dragon Fireworks! They do us the honor this evening to be present in Cannes, only 10 minutes from Eden Azur, to confront other countries such as France, Canada England and Austria! The winner will receive the highly prized Silver Vestal. Appointment this evening from 22:00 in the bay of Cannes !!! And do not forget that you can also participate by voting for the best fireworks and thus win 1 night of luxury in one of the 3 largest hotels of the Croisette as well as show places. The draw will be held on August 21, 2017. http://www.festival-pyrotechnique-cannes.com/fr/prix-du-public

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