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Festival of pyrotechnic art

It comes straight from the Philippines. It is the first pyrotechnic company in its country but also recognized as the largest in South Asia ! She has already won numerous awards in her field around the world. So, do you have an idea? I'm talking about the ... Dragon Fireworks! They do us the honor this evening to be present in Cannes, only 10 minutes from Eden Azur, to confront other countries such as France, Canada England and Austria! The winner will receive the highly prized Silver Vestal. Appointment this evening from 22:00 in the bay of Cannes !!! And do not forget that you can also participate by voting for the best fireworks and thus win 1 night of luxury in one of the 3 largest hotels of the Croisette as well as show places. The draw will be held on August 21, 2017. http://www.festival-pyrotechnique-cannes.com/fr/prix-du-public

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Back in 1960

The Beatles, is that talking to you? This mythical band of the 70s that has a go through the ages and not everyone is crazy! This Tuesday, August 08, come to relive one of the most popular repertoire in the Beatles' history, performers of the Beatlovs group, young musicians from Nice. Costumes, period instruments wigs, gestural and vocal attitudes, everything is there! A real cocktail to savor without moderation for the greatest happiness of all! This concert is guaranteed sensational and very troubling! Infinite departure for 1970! Are you ready? It happens tonight, at the theater of the sea Jean Marais, from 9 pm to Golfe Juan for an evening of madness!    

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Journey to the land of emotion !

WARNING! The biggest international artificers are near eden azur !! England is in Cannes on its magnificent bay with an incomparable view on the Croisette. She will present "The Circle of Life". Austria will be at Monaco, at the port of Hercules. Spectacles unmistakable all rhythmic on tunes airs. It happens tonight from 22:00. And it's free !!

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This night will be magic !

Dany Lari, the flagship artist of the show "the biggest cabaret in the world", the true artisan of the dream, and Eric Leblond, illumorist, will be present during an exceptional magic show.   Direction the theater of the sea in Golfe Juan from 21h30.   Surprising, amazing and totally delusional, this night will be magical !

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